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Ultra Relief Salve 3000MG

One of the most concentrated and effective salves on the market. Super effective for athletes and individuals in need of serious relief. Infused with powerful ingredients!


Product Details


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Menthol, Camphor, Full Spectrum Hemp, Hemp Seed Oil, Beeswax, Arnica, Emu Oil, MSM, Cajuput Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Oil.

WARNINGS: Intended for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not use with bandages. Resist using pads directly after applying cream.




1500mg: 50 servings – 30mg per serving
3000mg: 50 servings – 60mg per serving

Recommended Use

Apply onto effected area and rub in. Repeat as needed. Intended for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membrane. Do not use with bandages. Resist using pads directly after application.

Certification of Analysis (COA)

Ultra Relief Salve 3000MG FAQ

Yes. All ingredients have been curated for the highest quality and safety. Pain Master’s products are gluten free, paraben free, soy free, sulfate free and cruelty free. Also is vegan friendly.
Studies have shown full spectrum hemp does not result in a failed drug test.
It’s simple. We use better ingredients and more of it than your average brand.

24 reviews for Ultra Relief Salve 3000MG

  1. Dave F

    Helps my sciatica. Tried alot of different stuff but this actually works.

  2. Quang K

    Great product just wish it was a but cheaper.

  3. Thomas S

    Rub it on my spine and can feel a full body comfort. Amazing!

  4. Jay H

    Works good but not sure its worth it.

  5. Sam S


  6. Tom W

    My grandson bought as a gift and im pretty impressed. This helps more than when i get cortisone shots.

  7. Karen C

    Love it but too expensive to keep buying. My dad swears by it tho.

  8. Norman L

    Yea not for me.

  9. Young R

    Cant believe the relief! I can literally stand up straight. Havent been able to after my accident. Amazing!

  10. JM M

    Amazing stuff!

  11. Tammy E

    Works well! Def recommend!

  12. Kathy L

    This cbd salve works great! Getting it for my parents to see if its just me!! Lol

  13. Ken O

    Wow this cbd works great! Kind of didn’t believe in cbd but hey glad i gave this a try!

  14. Rachel Q

    Hands down best cbd balm!! Kind of expensive but nothing works better!

  15. Zane D

    Best relief salve! I usually get it from my local health store!! Freakin sells out all the time!!

  16. Spencer S

    Expensive but works the best!! I dont mind the money especially cuz ive been dealing with my back pain for a while and nothing helped. I can literally go on longer walks and actually enjoy going out!!! Kind of changed my life…

  17. Perry

    Nothing short of amazing!! Best pain salve! I definitely recommend!!

  18. Tom H

    Good stuff right here!! You can smell the full spectrum … you can tell its powerful as soon as you open the jar!! Just wish this came in larger sizes! Cant have enough!

  19. Sharon Yi

    I was recently diagnosed with arthritis and the Drs had me on steroids. The steroids worked but I was losing my hair and my stomach was always bloated. My daughters friend gave me this salve for my birthday and this really changed my life.

  20. Terry P

    Best pain balm!! Surprised by how good it is!! Basically healed my knee pain just have to keep applying daily!

  21. Cameron C

    Helps me with joint pain when I lift. Gettn kinda old and this keeps me young!!

  22. Jean

    Great relief balm!!

  23. Johnathan

    Love this stuff!! Glad they lowered the price.

  24. Peter

    Best pain balm ever!

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