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“You can’t avoid pain, but you can choose to overcome it.”

More than 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experience chronic pain. Over 25.3 million American adults suffer from daily pain. All while our society depends on prescription drugs. We have become convinced by big pharma that natural products are not effective. We believe there is real power in natural ingredients. We created Pain Master to prove it. 

Pain Master have teamed up with master formulators to create the ultimate recipe for relief. Our products have been pier reviewed by pharmacist’s to ensure safe and effective results. Creating the best products for pain is our priority. We believe if we create the best products, we have succeeded in our mission. To show the power of natures ingredients.

In the beginning we searched out for almost a year for the perfect manufacturer to create Pain Master products. We failed. We spoke with most of the manufacturers and they could not deliver to our standards. Most of these manufacturers operate based on margins, mass production and simplicity. Our formulations and ingredients demanded much more in which most manufacturers could not meet our standards. 

So we decided to manufacture artisan pain products. Our ingredients are high quality and hard to get. Ingredients in which take much more work in manufacturing. Ex. our extracts we use are one of the most full spectrum extracts on the market. This type of extracts, the amount of active compounds vary batch to batch. This requires an additional testing process and demands correcting the ratio for every batch. Which costs much more money and time for production. This is just one of many reasons large manufacturers don’t do.

The way in which we manufacture results in one of the best pain products on the market. This also meant our process & margins was going to be tough. We trusted that the value and relief we would provide would outweigh the challenges. 

We have seen it change peoples lives. From minor to severe chronic pain. We have seen peoples face light up as soon as they realize the relief they have been searching for. Almost as if they have given up. Day by day, we succeed in our mission. To show the power of natures ingredients.

Quality over quantity


TRiple lab tested

purity for an elite experience

Pier reviewed by medical professionals. Master formulations using the highest quality ingredients.

Every batch is validated with a second test for each raw material. And even after we have processed your product we send it out for a 3rd test – Thats our triple lab tested guarantee.

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